Take your old vehicle to any branch of SIA Tolmets Vidzeme for disposal. We write it off FREE OF CHARGE and issue a certificate of destruction, and you will be paid for the scrap you hand over.

Frequently asked questions

At a branch of SIA Tolmets Vidzeme, you can write off the following vehicles:

  • passenger cars, cargo vehicles with a cargo capacity of up to 3500 kg, tricycles or quads, submitting the vehicle registration document and vehicle registration number plates, if any;
  • vehicles that are not missing key components, including the engine, steering system, frame, transmission;
  • vehicles that are not prohibited from being written off and not subject to a prohibition recorded in the Commercial Pledge Register;
  • vehicles that can be identified by their VIN number (the number must not be cut out);
  • vehicles that will not be used and which their owners no longer intend to use on the road; in such cases, the vehicle must be written off, and the person must produce an identification document (passport, ID card) during the preparation of the paperwork.

A vehicle may be written off by a person who:

  • is the owner of the vehicle;
  • has submitted a power of attorney for this activity issued by the owner, i.e.:

A power of attorney issued by a private individual requires certification by a sworn notary or another person specified in Section 1474 of the Civil Law, or a power of attorney issued by CSDD.

For a legal entity, it must be a person with the power of signature according to the articles of association or there must be a power of attorney issued by the legal entity to a specific individual;

  • is the owner of the vehicle, submitting a document certifying change of ownership, if the vehicle has undergone a change of ownership, but has not been re-registered as owned by its buyer with CSDD. This document certifying change of ownership need not be submitted if the change of ownership took place with an appropriate entry in the register.

Once the vehicle is written off, the vehicle owner may, if they wish to, receive a certificate of destruction directly from the vehicle treatment facility or via e-mail, or confirm that the vehicle has been written off in e-CSDD.

The payment for the vehicle is calculated by weighing it on a certified scale, subtracting a certain contamination percentage rate from the total weight, and multiplying it by the rate set at the branch for the category in question at the time of the hand-over of the vehicle, whereby the vehicle is purchased as:

  • a Category 12AM vehicle if it is handed over complete;
  • a Category 12M vehicle if it is incomplete (e.g., without engine);
  • a Category 12A vehicle if it has been stripped and cleaned of non-metallic contamination classified as light scrap metal, sheet metal, suitable for further recycling with a shearing press.

If you cannot deliver the vehicle to a branch of SIA Tolmets Vidzeme, we can handle the transport, for an additional fee.

Call us to request transport:

28611127 North Vidzeme: Valmiera, Cēsis, Vecpiebalga, Limbaži, Smiltene, Valka, Rūjiena, Salacgrīva.

25737660 East Vidzeme: Gulbene, Balvi, Alūksne.

A passenger car or a cargo vehicle with a full weight of up to 3500 kg can be written off at a CSDD customer service centre or via e-CSDD without handing the vehicle over to a treatment facility, if:

  • The register contains information stating that there has been a search for the vehicle for more than a year, or if there is a document issued by the State Police confirming this, which is submitted to the CSDD customer service centre;
  • A document certifying that the vehicle has been destroyed is submitted to the CSDD customer service centre, as evidenced by, for example, a vehicle liquidation certificate issued by a foreign treatment facility, a certificate issued by a foreign competent authority (police, fire service), which states that the vehicle was destroyed and handed over to a treatment facility;
  • The owner of the vehicle or their authorised representative certifies that the vehicle has been destroyed and cannot be handed over to a treatment facility, and that the EUR 165.00 natural resources tax has been paid for the vehicle. No tax is payable if the vehicle to be written off has been subject to an official search for more than one year or for which any operations (registration or roadworthiness inspections) were carried out before 1 May 2004 (not inclusive).

Cargo vehicles with a full weight of more than 3500 kg, buses, trailers, semi-trailers, motorcycles, mopeds, tricycles, quads (including off-road vehicles), and watercraft are written off by CSDD (https://www.csdd.lv/transportlidzekla-norakstisana-vieglie-auto-kravas-auto-lidz-3-500-kg-tricikli-vai-kvadracikli/vispareja-informacija).

After the writing off of a vehicle, its last registered owner, or the holder of the registration number assigned to the vehicle, can hold it for the registration of another vehicle within a year after the date of the writing off of the vehicle, if before or after the writing off of the vehicle, the registration number plates are handed over to the CSDD customer service centre.

Once the vehicle is written off, you can get:

– a refund of the remaining tax amount from the State Revenue Service (SRS),

– a refund of the part of the insurance premium from your insurer.